We didn’t need no stinkin’ Photoshop

Twitter chat today about Photoshop caused me to reflect on my creative salad days. Image below is from a flier that I created to attract freelance clients in Chicago during the early 90’s. I don’t have the original digital image, this is from a scan of later-generation photocopy.

Will Quark for Food

Will Quark for Food

I started with some clip art (pensive guy at computer)  that was available in a Hypercard stack. Every thing else–glasses, nose, beard, speech bubble, was done with Quark Xpress objects. Vector illustrations, clipping paths, filters…for lightweights.

Within a few days, I landed a lengthy  gig, eventually a full-time position at what  is now one of the largest ad agencies in the world, which was located next to Howard’s the coolest little bar in Chicago.

Note, I don’t live at that address anymore, not sure if the resident is interested in holiday cards.

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