Below are links to some samples of my writing including, research projects, presentations, articles and blogs:

  1. Position Paper:  Universally Designed Content In Education
    • Researched and written for graduate research in Special Education.
  2. Instructional Design Plan: Creating Interactive PDF Presentations
    • Graduate school project for Instructional Design Course.
  3. Blog Post—Mask Hysteria
    • Opinion on why masks are so controversial.
  4. White Paper:  Color Management Best Practices
    • Prepared for client during enterprise content management feasibility study.
  5. Blog Post:  Confessions of a DAM Snob
    • Exploration of SharePoint for Digital Asset Management.
  6. Blog Post:  A Purpose-Driven Night (Part 1)
    • Biographical snapshot describes my staring at the barrel of a pistol.
  7. Blog Post:  A DAM Industry: ”What Should We Call This Damn Industry?”
    • Digital content, digital money vie for control for the DAM acronym.
  8. Blog Post:  Lasswellian Definition of Content Management
    • Tries to make sense of the ‘acronym soup’ by breaking down content management into “who gets what, when and how.”
  9. Article:  Why You Should Adopt An Accessible Content Strategy’
    • The business case for content accessibility.