With every key stroke, every digital photo, every illustration, your organization is making content. If it adds organizational value, your content is an asset. However, if your users cannot find, view,  transform or share this content, then your digital assets can quickly become a digital liability.

If content can’t be reused, it’s likely to be recreated. This can lead to inconsistent content among publishing channels and  creates a brand security risk.

In order to help your organization to better be able to manage, and deliver its content, I offer the following services:

Content Strategy

  • Content Reuse and Repurposing Strategy
  • Workflow Optimization
  • Technical and Creative Writing
  • Metadata

Other Services

  • Budgeting
  • Requirements Discovery
  • Staff Leadership and Resource Management
  • Operational Support
  • In-Person and Web-based training
  • Carrying of Heavy Things (figuratively and literally)
  • Yes, I still do SharePoint


You can download  Scott’s résumé here.