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Once You’re Gone, You Can’t Come Back

(This article is about Linkedin’s publishing features, I guess the headline qualifies as clickbait, is the first time I did that intentionally, and sickened to say this, but it felt great). For the second time, I inadvertently deleted a draft … Continue reading

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Feeling Their Pain: Addressing Heavy-Backpack Syndrome

My son’s school held an event last week where parents were invited for coffee and conversation with the school principal.  Some of the discussions were specific to the school, though many were more-universal topics: dress codes, athletics, standardized tests… for all of … Continue reading

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But I Digress….

I’m currently taking time to get back into some good writing habits, in hopes that good habits might  lead to good writing. No particular topics planned for the ensuing posts, thus I’ll likely sneak in some posts on familiar topics such as  content … Continue reading

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Forgiveness (or Who Framed Roger Maris?)

As a child, my great love was baseball.  By the time, I entered 4th grade, I had played one year of Little League and was mildly interested in watching the Red Sox on Channel 38, as long as there was … Continue reading

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