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“Little Assholes”

Every high-gravity story on a news site is going to have its share of toxic commentary. I ignore most of it. Though it’s particularly distressing that people  are getting their knickers in such a twist about the National School Walkouts … Continue reading

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Let’s Hunker Down, Meetup, and Learn About Brand Video

I don’t see or hear many people that agree with me on this, but I am fond of winter in Michigan. I love walking in snow, on a sidewalk or in the woods. And I love the few months of … Continue reading

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About Your Stance on Kneeling…

In the past several weeks, we’ve seen a frenetic renewal of last season’s controversy involving NFL players kneeling.  during the national anthem (hashtag: #TakeAKnee). The President of the United States entered into the conversation  and  went as far as to  call … Continue reading

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Once You’re Gone, You Can’t Come Back

(This article is about Linkedin’s publishing features, I guess the headline qualifies as clickbait, is the first time I did that intentionally, and sickened to say this, but it felt great). For the second time, I inadvertently deleted a draft … Continue reading

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