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The Closer

Talking Baseball Last Saturday, a neighbor and I were discussing baseball at a block party, when he brought up modern-day managerial strategy for relief pitchers.  I don’t follow baseball to anywhere the extent that I did as a kid. I’m … Continue reading

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Tell Me Where It Hurts

In my years in creative operations, IT and content strategy, there are three content pain points that I keep encountering, over and over again. First, “I can’t find it”. This can occur if the content is insufficiently described, has multiple … Continue reading

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Write Like Nobody’s Editing

I’ve written several slice-of-life posts over the years along with my writing about topics such as content management and education, but I’d never done a long-form “memoirish” post like this before.  I had made several attempts in the past to … Continue reading

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A Purpose-Driven Night (Part One)

Cold and Broke Several months before my 31st birthday, I felt down for a few different reasons. I wasn’t worried about getting older; though for the first time in my life, I worried about getting colder. I was spending my … Continue reading

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