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Cool Change

In my twenties, I found myself in a bit  of a predicament. Shortly after I’d resigned from my job in Tallahassee, and had let my lease run out, I found out my new opportunity—with a previous employer in Gainesville—had evaporated. … Continue reading

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I Got Nothin’

Hiatus As some of you know, I had been lying low for a spell. I’ve been spending time  chauffeuring (until my ”client” reached his 16th birthday)  cooking, dog-walking, attempting to write, thinking about home repairs,  doing some occasional YouTubery, reading. … Continue reading

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Walking The Walk

Like many of you, I’ve observed some questionable, and often  atrocious, behavior by immediate supervisors and executive leadership. This often had a tangible negative influence on employees, particularly the younger ones, leading to dismissive, abusive organizational cultures.    I’m fortunate … Continue reading

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Six-Year Plan

In job interviews following  my graduation from college, I received a lot of the usual questions that young people hear regarding  lack of experience, grade-point-average. I expected those.  What I didn’t expect were the  snarky comments about the amount to … Continue reading

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