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What Hath Scott Wrought?

Yesterday, I asked ChatGPT a sports–trivia question, to which I knew the answer, but suspected it might not.  It didn’t.  The response it gave me began somewhat cordially, but seemed to become a bit condescending. My reaction to the last … Continue reading

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“Lincoln, Right?”

At dinner last night, my 19-year-old son and I talked about whether some of his upcoming  training could earn him  college credit. I didn’t have an answer to his question, but of course I recalled a public service ad from … Continue reading

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The Digital Liability

During my time in the creative services and web technology industries, a point of frustration has been that a lot of potentially productive energy is squandered as practitioners argue about whether a solution is one or more of the following: … Continue reading

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Recently, I was walking my dog when I heard the squeal of tires from a car that I couldn’t see. I assumed it was at the stoplight at the bottom of hill that was out of my view. Moments later, I … Continue reading

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