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Batter Up!

I worked for a startup in my mid 20s. They had a good business model, that was often overshadowed by hare-brained ideas and  and  unrealistic revenue streams (they weren’t charging enough), and unnecessary purchases. In about the fifth month, my … Continue reading

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Play Ball!

With Major League Baseball’s opening day looming, I unearthed some of my baseball-related blog posts from the past several years. Some of them have themes other than baseball, including forgiveness, redemption, racism, playing hooky, and why I was the best … Continue reading

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Busch League

When I lived in Chicago, a couple of college friends used to come to town when the Cardinals were playing the Cubs because they had a friend who was a Cards relief pitcher. After one game in 1994, my friends … Continue reading

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Performance Review

A Drexel University student (a zealous baseball fan) once did a 6-month ad agency internship for me  in Chicago. After he went back to school, I received some paperwork from his internship program. I called a friend, then teaching at … Continue reading

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