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Busch League

When I lived in Chicago, a couple of college friends used to come to town when the Cardinals were playing the Cubs because they had a friend who was a Cards relief pitcher. After one game in 1994, my friends … Continue reading

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Performance Review

A few months into my job at a Chicago ad agency.  A Drexel University student started his second internship in my department. This position had been arranged months before I started my job, thus I was not involved in the hiring … Continue reading

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Rhodes Scholar

Play Ball! Today (March 26, 2020) would have been Opening Day in Major League Baseball. Though it has been postponed for obvious reasons. Despite my youthful obsession with baseball (and my preternatural ability to remember inconsequential details that you mere … Continue reading

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The Closer

Talking Baseball Last Saturday, a neighbor and I were discussing baseball at a block party, when he brought up modern-day managerial strategy for relief pitchers.  I don’t follow baseball to anywhere the extent that I did as a kid. I’m … Continue reading

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