Play Ball!

With Major League Baseball’s opening day looming, I unearthed some of my baseball-related blog posts from the past several years. Some of them have themes other than baseball, including forgiveness, redemption, racism, playing hooky, and why I was the best boss ever.

Busch Leaguer
A story of baseball, beer, and brand loyalty (through coercion). 

Who Blamed Roger Maris?
Who among us hasn’t blamed  a two-time Most Valuable Player for our second-annual hernia. Decades later I was able to forgive Maris and blame Bob Uecker

Woke Barber
Baseball broadcasting legend, from the Deep South, describes his awakening that followed his  learning that Dodgers planned to sign a Black Player.

Jackie Robinson  and Jim Crow in the Deep South.

”That Stain That is On Our Soul”
Celery City makes amends with Jackie Robinson.

I don’t care if I never get back
Playing hooky on my first day on the job.

Performance Review
This is what work meetings looked like before Zoom. 

Rhodes Scholar
A warning about  recency bias. And yes, Tuffy Rhodes was the greatest player ever.

Bo Knows Content Marketing
Well, this one’s about Bo Jackson and Content Marketing.

Talkin’ Baseball
Willie, Mickey, the Duke and questions that make parents squirm.

Photo of Oberon Beer bottle and bag of Peanuts

Oberon and Tigers Peanuts Season

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