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Because They Can’t

Showing Up This year, many, who work in public-facing jobs will be sickened with an infectious disease and will, despite warnings to do otherwise, will show up to work while they are still contagious. This is not anything that is … Continue reading

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“Digital” Productivity Tool

Yesterday, I got a robo-call about something I had to act on this morning. The task was low-effort, but an irregular one, thus had a high risk of  slipping my mind. I considered all my reminder aids: Whiteboard A planner … Continue reading

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Time Has Come Today

Please Don’t Make Me Shop Frequently,  before Christmas or my birthday, people (my wife, my sisters, etc) tell me that I’m hard to buy for. My response is always “I am not. I don’t want anybody to  buy me ANYTHING.” … Continue reading

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The Closer

Talking Baseball Last Saturday, a neighbor and I were discussing baseball at a block party, when he brought up modern-day managerial strategy for relief pitchers.  I don’t follow baseball to anywhere the extent that I did as a kid. I’m … Continue reading

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