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The Sun Never Sets On The British Empire (nor on Grand Rapids)

In principle, I have no problem with year-round schooling. However, I live in an area (west Michigan) where daylight doesn’t surrender easily. Grand Rapids, Michigan is near the western edge of the Eastern Time zone. This is what 9:15 looks … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts on Charter Schools

Let me  get something straight here among  my high school friends, Tweeps, and  my many other cyber-acquiaintances, I am NOT against charter schools. I think what is being missed in the conversation surrounding  “Waiting for Superman” is what a charter … Continue reading

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My Perfect Education-Reform Solution: Do Something Different

I will get this out in the open: education reform is a big, freakin’ personal issue with me. I realize that I will likely face criticism by some parties for my claims or comments about the state of education because I … Continue reading

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Rebirth of the Fist

During a late night at a Chicago advertising agency in 1994, I was discussing the economic concept known as the invisible hand with one of my coworkers. In the course of our conversation, we began using the term “invisible fist.” … Continue reading

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