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Feeling Their Pain: Addressing Heavy-Backpack Syndrome

My son’s school held an event last week where parents were invited for coffee and conversation with the school principal.  Some of the discussions were specific to the school, though many were more-universal topics: dress codes, athletics, standardized tests… for all of … Continue reading

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The Sun Never Sets On The British Empire (nor on Grand Rapids)

In principle, I have no problem with year-round schooling. However, I live in an area (west Michigan) where daylight doesn’t surrender easily. Grand Rapids, Michigan is near the western edge of the Eastern Time zone. This is what 9:15 looks … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts on Charter Schools

Let me  get something straight here among  my high school friends, Tweeps, and  my many other cyber-acquiaintances, I am NOT against charter schools. I think what is being missed in the conversation surrounding  “Waiting for Superman” is what a charter … Continue reading

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My Perfect Education-Reform Solution: Do Something Different

I will get this out in the open: education reform is a big, freakin’ personal issue with me. I realize that I will likely face criticism by some parties for my claims or comments about the state of education because I … Continue reading

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