Why Can’t We Be Friends?

Yesterday, I received a note (via my site’s contact form) from somebody/something professing to offer freelance services (logo design, video production):

Hi guys, I am a great seller on  [redacted]. I can create videos and logos for you. I work with  [redacted]. and they will recommend my services to you for sure. Please take a look at my gigs and place an order right now. I am the best seller and (site name redacted)  has give me level 2 seller now. Just ask  [redacted]. and they will recommend me to you 100. My profile is  [redacted]. You will find all services there. Order now! Discount 🙂

I ignored it because of its spambot odor. And I don’t have any need for such services.

A couple of hours later I received this (from same user name):

“I send spam backlinks to your website and now I request that you order my gigs to remove them. If you do not order, I send more spam backlinks to destroy your site. You understand me?

“Please order now from  [redacted] and let’s be friends.”

Uh…Let’s be friends?


Pro tip: If you’re looking for freelance work (or friendship)  from me, I’d recommend taking a different approach than threatening my property. And don’t get me started on why we CAN’T be friends.

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