Write Like Nobody’s Editing

I’ve written several slice-of-life posts over the years along with my writing about topics such as content management and education, but I’d never done a long-form ”memoirish” post like this before. 

I had made several attempts in the past to take the events of that Chicago night many years ago and wedge them into my professional writing.  However, none of my  attempts never escaped the gravity of the ”draft” state. 

Though a couple of months  ago a tweet I read about a Burt Lancaster movie caused my words to spill out, by the thousands. Once I decided on the target audience (me) it flowed pretty quickly.

This week, I (finally) spent some time at the library, just to edit the Part I content of ”A Purpose-Driven Night.” and went live moments ago.

Part II is forthcoming and there might be other content of this type in the future. Though I have much to say about other topics. We’ll see what happens.

Until the next time….

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