“Digital” Productivity Tool

Yesterday, I got a robo-call about something I had to act on this morning.

The task was low-effort, but an irregular one, thus had a high risk of  slipping my mind.

I considered all my reminder aids:

  • Whiteboard
  • A planner full of paper
  • Phone and laptop software (‘apps’ as the kids are saying today)
  • An array of online tools from…(well just about everybody offers tools like this)

Then I remembered an organizational technique — perhaps the most effective ever developed — that was often employed  by my  former company’s Executive Creative Director many years ago.

Then I  grabbed a pen (not a mouse, a stylus, or a dry-erase marker) and I wrote  ”Call  attendance office,” along my thumb (technically this IS  a “digital” solution).

Man's thumb, with "Call Attendance Office"

Thumb’s Up To Productivity

Well, as you can see, I actually wrote “Call  ‘attendace’ office.” The single downside to this technique is that there is no spell-check. Though the spelling was good enough to jog my memory.

Though I suppose if you’re particular about spelling, then a proofreader’s mark calling for the ‘n’ to be inserted is an option if you have a red Sharpie nearby.

After a few moments at my desk this morning, I looked down at my keyboard and saw the not-so-subtle reminder that I needed to make a call. I grabbed my phone and 90 seconds later: tardy excused.

Mission accomplished.

What are some of your 20th century productivity hacks?

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