“Little Assholes”

Every high-gravity story on a news site is going to have its share of toxic commentary. I ignore most of it. Though it’s particularly distressing that people  are getting their knickers in such a twist about the National School Walkouts this week.

A lot of it, is  typical “in my day” “what’s the matter with kids today?”  sort of drivel, though a high percentage of it is incredibility mean-spirited. If the commenter has nothing  of substance  to say they tend to play the  “Tide Pods” card.  As if their generation never did stupid shit.

Several of the districts in my area are supporting the walkout and that has a lot of locals going off the rail. In a news site comment, one women referred to the student-protestors as “little assholes”.

Give me a break, already.

Kids in school today, were born into a state of perma-war; they face a $20 trillion+ debt, due to over 50 years of  deficit spending; they endure mind-numbing drill-and-practice for standardized testing; many go without recess, gym classes or extra-curricular activities.

And as a bonus they live with the daily worry of getting perforated by a high-capacity weapon.

If they make it out of high school, they earn the privilege of decades of student-loan payments and the thrill of competing against artificial intelligence for jobs…..

None of these of these circumstances were created by today’s K-20 students. Prior generations owe it to today’s youth to let them protest.

Now, please use the comments section if you’d like to  regale us with your stories about how tough you had it as a kid.


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