Yesterday (1/10/2020) a couple of days after  president’s Twitter account was locked,  I saw a few posts claiming social media platforms suspending accounts, (aka private companies enforcing their own policies…admittedly arbitrarily..) is similar to Jim Crow laws.

Well, gather around, children, let me tell you a story….

When a  (small town, Deep South)  high school  friend’s mom was pregnant with him (circa 1965), she had severe internal bleeding and was refused treatment because hospital didn’t have “black blood. ”

They only survived because father was a vet and she was treated at Navy hospital (20 miles) away.

THAT is Jim Crow.

My friend now has 4 degrees and is a professor, and department head at a university. Though, when he was in the womb, he wasn’t deserving of “white blood.”

Getting your Twitter account (temporarily or permanently) suspended is NOT Jim Crow. Those were racist-as-fuck LAWS.

Being De-Twittered is pretty much being banned from your favorite restaurant because you habitually violate the “No Shirt? No Shoes? No Service!” policy.

Pro tip: If you have an account blocked, or lose followers, it’s not recommended that you liken yourself to Rosa Parks.

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