I Love Content, Season II

Content-Strategy Web Events

About a year ago, so that we could  share our learning with the world (and  dodge inclement weather), the West Michigan Content Strategy Meetup began hosting online events featuring content pros from around the world.

They were so much fun, we’re planning “Season II” with a recording session scheduled for November 9th (release details to come). “I Love Content” is our series title.

Our Season I episodes are listed below for your binge-watching pleasure.


“Brand Video: Evolving Beyond a Selling Platform” (December 2017)

A few days before discussing  the winter webinar season with one of the group’s cofounders, I’d shared a video about video (so, very  meta) created by a colleague from my ad industry days, Dennis Ryan.

Laura agreed that Dennis would be a great candidate for our inaugural meetup/webinar. He agreed, too and we made arrangements for “beam in” from The Twin Cities.

We scheduled the event for December 2017, and it was wicked cold in these parts, and colder in Minnesota (I know…shocking). The webinar format seemed like a genius move.

”Why is Podcasting so F*cking Popular?” (February 2018)

For our second online event, Laura contacted Gretchen DeVault and Tera Wozniak Qualls , women entrepreneurs (fempreneurs) who host a weekly podcast about kickass women fempreneurs.

Once again, the weather outside was frightful, but our guests were so delightful.

If you aren’t familiar with Gretchen and Tera, or their Lean The F*ck Out podcast, you can acquaint yourself rather quickly with these episodes:

“Narrative Warfare: A Discussion with Deb Lavoy” (April 2018)

I’d interacted with Deb Lavoy on social media a few times over the years and thought that she’d be a great guest presenter and made plans to contact her at some point about a lunch-and-learn event.

Then a few months ago, Deb wrote a blog post based on her recent experience as a panelist at a National Academy of Science workshop.

“Narrative Warfare” is a hot topic and Deb’s post was excellent. My plan to contact Deb mutated from “contact her soon” to contact her now”.

Deb has been kind enough to agree to do a followup event (still to be scheduled) with us on this topic. Stay tuned.

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