“You Can Call Me Ray…”

Bill Saluga is not a name you’re likely to recognize. I just learned his name moments ago.

Though many of you might remember ”Raymond J. Johnson, Jr.” a character Saluga portrayed in his standup act, beer commercials, and on variety shows.

His schtick was saying his full name and clarifying how you  could refer to him.

”You can call me Ray. Or you can Jay. Or You can call me…”

He took great offense when people called him Johnson:

(“Raymond J. Johnson, Jr.” in Busch Natural Light ad with Norm Crosby)

Ray ( or Jay, Johnny, etc.) recorded a novelty single called “Dancin’ Johnson.”

I never heard it on radio though saw him perform it, with backing vocalists, on The Tonight Show.

I’m pretty sure that is the precise moment that the Disco Era ended.

We owe him a debt of gratitude.

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