Celery City

In the days after George Floyd’s killing, I thought much about racism, my white privilege, and just about everything else.  I woke up each morning feeling as though I should write, or say, angry words.

And I did.

I found that many of those words were directed at Sanford, my Central Florida hometown, where I’d observed egregious acts of racism.

Though as my thoughts drifted to other thoughts, I was surprised by my recall of some positive experiences coming out of Celery City (Sanford’s nickname).

After a cooling off period I decided to pursue  a few of those stories. I will likely publish some of the negative stories, too; though will try to no let those consume me.

A couple of the positive stories (still in development ) , ”Woke Barber” and ”That Stain Is On Our Soul” are related to the City of Sanford’s reprehensible treatment of Jackie Robinson. Thus, I’ve provided the background post, ”Royal” on that topic.

The series begins with a brief description of my transition from  New Englander to Southern Boy: ”How Did I Get Here?”

I have several story pursuits in my head, and have no idea of  how many I’ll actually write, or publish.  Though only one way to know how this ends is  to begin.

So, here we go….

  1. How Did I Get Here?
  2. Royal
  3. Woke Barber
  4. Scaling Mount Dora
  5. That Stain Is On Our Soul
  6. Trayvon Martin And The Demise of Critical Thinking
  7. Twitless
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