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Forever Young

Up, Up, and Away! Like just about all of you, I’ve been in a constant, sporadic, focused, distracted, elucidating, confusing,  exhilarating, and exhausting state of reflection. That is, the moments of reflection when  I’m not consumed with ennui and staring … Continue reading

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We’ll Meet Again

(originally published 3/20/2020, updates on 05/05/2020) Songs of Hope A couple of days after the State of Michigan, closed many businesses due to an emergency order, I drove through downtown Grand Rapids, passing endless darkened bars, restaurants, music venues etc. … Continue reading

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Because They Can’t

Showing Up This year, many, who work in public-facing jobs will be sickened with an infectious disease and will, despite warnings to do otherwise, will show up to work while they are still contagious. This is not anything that is … Continue reading

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Chasing Accessible Reality (Originally Published 8/3/2011)

(This was post was originally published in August  2011. Some of the details in the first publishing are no longer in play —ie: Google+ has left us.  Also, the  figures of the population of consumers with visual impairments, and their … Continue reading

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